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life quotes

A mistake is merely a blunder if you don’t learn something from it, once you learned one thing from it, it becomes a lesson.

life status video
this is a test

A single moment of true joy is a lot of powerful than a period of sorrow.
solely on lease go can new opportunities comes up.

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Adventure awaits

Pray, to not raise God for what you would like, however to give thanks god for what you have got.

For he is aware of what would like|you would like|you wish} and after you need it!

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pathless traveled

Never decide anyone until you’ve detected the total story and located out why they are doing the items they are doing.

If you quit ahead of time, you’ll ne’er grasp what you’ll be missing.

life status video
don’t be an idiot

DON’T STOP after you area unit TIRED, STOP after you area unit DONe

I forever thought that everything happens for a reason however shortly I recognized that generally reasons don’t seem to be enough to clarify why everything happened.

life status video
life is short heels should not be.

Sometimes the answers don’t seem to be meant to be found.

Sometimes you have got to drop some things so as for you to hold a lot of necessary things.

Moments of mental illness, silliness and craziness area unit simply symptoms of happiness in your life.

Enjoy them, generally they’re the most effective a part of your day!

life status video
success is a collection of well-curated failures

If you would like life to smile at you, provides it your smart mood initial
Key to success: Respect your academics, Do your studies well, Love your folks and Pray to God.

life WhatsApp status

Its not that however tragically we have a tendency to suffer, its however miraculously we have a tendency to live..
Expect nothing from others and you may ne’er be discomfited..

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life status video
everything happens for a reason

Sometimes there’s no second likelihood, no next time, no day out.

Work for a cause, Not for hand clapping, live life to specific, to not impress,

Don’t try to form your presence notice, simply attempt to build your absence felt.

If there’s anyone in your life United Nations agency loves you really while not expectation.. its your mater

life status video
live a good day

Stay single till somebody really compliments your life during a method that build it better…

You can’t force folks to remain in your life.

life status video
this is the life

Staying is selection, therefore be glad for folks that select you.

Something is healthier than nothing however nothing is healthier than one thing wrong.

To fulfill your DESTINY keep faithful Your HEART ❤

life status video
life is a song love is the music

My life runs on the terribly.,,,,Bhagwaan Bharose 😀